Hand Made Victorian Style Fringed Lamp Shades

Hand Sewn Fabric Shades

Our fabric shades are made to resemble  vintage lampshades shown in various lamp catalog reprints.

     I began making these "fancy shades" about 21 years ago.  Rather than rely on fancy silks and brocades,  I try to copy the originals which used plain fabrics in layers. Sometimes, panels are hand painted.  By adding hand sewn rosettes, fans, ribbon ruching and our signature lattice smocking, our shades become anything but plain.  Layers of trims add to the opulence and because most of our fabrics and trims are hand dyed, the overall effect is perfectly blended. I try to achieve a softly aged look which will blend with your vintage lamp.

     Sometimes we are able to find vintage frames which we recover for a one-of-a-kind shade. But, more often, new frames are used. If you find a shade style below that you like listed as sold, don't despair, we may be able to get more of that frame. Also, if you find a style you like, but the colors just won't do, we will be happy to work with you  to find colors that will.


      New shades will be added below as they are available, but feel free to contact us if you are looking for something special. Additional shades are shown on the Floor Lamp Page

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Shown here are shades suitable for table, bridge and floor lamps.

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Here is our newest frame-the wide Aztec-designed specifically for the Art Deco floor lamps (and also fine for table lamps)  This measures almost 21 inches across at the base and has the wonderful staggered profile of our regular Aztec frame. This shade is in ivory and pale iridescent green with accents of bronze.  It has  hand beaded smaller panels (also in iridescent green).  This has been custom dyed and has coordinating custom dyed thick lush fringe.  2 Matching tassels included. VSS1226

Price: $375.00


This is shown with a custom designed hand sewn shade in Cinnabar and Terra Cotta--the hand dyed  vintage fabrics are from a floral gown.  The alternating panels are accented with vintage French netting in Cinnabar tones.  The 7 " rayon fringe is hand dyed from Cinnabar to a pale Terra Cotta.24.5" wide, 17" front to back, 15.5" high including fringe. One of a kind shade with a matching tassel. VSS8191



Here is a wonderful shade for that special floor lamp or large table lamp. Done in shades of brown with gold, amber, copper and a touch of purple -this will make any lamp look special.  The shade was designed around the elegant burnt out velvet which is used in the smaller top panels and alternating cuff panels. Vintage millinery netting and metallic brocade appliqu�s are enhanced with super thick custom ombre dyed fringe with an additional layer of beaded fringe all the way around. The shade is 23 inches wide, 17 1/2 inches from to back at the bottom and 12 inches high including the fringe. This has a standard washer fitter.

     VSS 609 SOLD


Here is the unusual gull wing frame as a custom designed hand sewn shade of vintage fabrics-hand dyed in shades of burgundy and terra cotta-stunning one of a kind with matching tassels. 24"w, 14" front to back, 13.5" high including the hand dyed fringe.VSS8193

Price:  $325.00 SOLD


This is the Betty frame custom hand sewn shade in gold, brown and bronze.  The shorter panels feature a stunning brown burnt out velvet accented in muted purple and gold. The shade is trimmed with extra thick fringe plus beaded fringe in "carnival" black. 3 1/2" Top, 13" Bottom, 8" High not including the fringe. VSS5024



This is  a custom designed hand sewn shade (the Gothic Window frame) in tones of gold and bronze.  The center panels, inside the "window frame", are hand painted with ivory rosebuds.  Vintage fabrics are used and all are hand dyed for a one of a kind shade.  Matching tassel included with the shade. 7" hand dyed fringe. 14"w, 11" front to back, 17" high including fringe.  VSS8196  SOLD



This is our Provincial Window  custom hand sewn shade in bronze, burgundy, gold and terra cotta, which is accented front and back with center panels of hand painted roses in burgundy, green and gold. The frame around each painted panel is raised and trimmed in crocheted edging. This is finished with burgundy edges and ombre dyed extra thick fringe shading from bronze to burgundy. 



Here is a custom designed hand sewn shade with an uno fitter suitable for a bridge lamp.  A washer top converter can be added so this will work on a table lamp. This uses only vintage fabrics which have been hand dyed. The shade is done in tones of black and bronze with lavender accents and shimmering gold highlights.  Small panels are from a vintage gown. Longer panels from a hand painted scarf.  One of a kind with a matching tassel. 12" wide, 12" deep, 15" high including hand dyed fringe.VSS8194



This is  our custom hand sewn shade which is a striking combination of burgundy rose and burnt orange.  The side panels are ombre dyed in those colors.  The center panels, front and back, feature hand painted roses.  The extra thick fringe is ombre dyed from burgundy into burnt orange and trimmed with a layer of beaded fringe in coordinating terra cotta and pale green. 


This is a hand sewn, custom designed OOAK shade in golds and browns with accents of green and rose.  The vintage fabric is from a 1930's bedspread. The bead spread was appliqu�d and hand embroidered. The shade is lined in ivory for good light reflection and trimmed in matching ombre dyed fringe. The sides have an overlay of vintage millinery netting.  This is a large shade suitable for a floor lamp or large table lamp. It is 21 inches wide at the bottom, 18 inches tall including the 5 inch fringe.

Price $325.00 SOLD


This is a large floor lamp shade with a chimney fitter for use on a glass chimney-but it can be adapter for a harp also.  It is 23 inches wide and 14 1/2 inches high including the fringe.  It is lined in ivory and covered in tones of burnt orange and light burgundy.  The fringe is custom dyed in the same tones with black edging.  A spray of pink roses is hand painted in each large panel. 

  VSS 602  Sorry-SOLD!!


This is a great shade for a bridge lamp-it has an uno fitter-but would work well for a table lamp with a washer adaptor.  It is 10 1/2   inches in width and  14 inches high including the fringe.  This has an extra row of glass beaded fringe over the fabric fringe.  The teardrop panels are covered in sage and lavender floral chiffon and the other four panels have hand dyed chiffon in mottled green. The braid is hand dyed in dark sage and orchid.

  VSS 523 Sorry-SOLD!!


 Here is a dramatic shade for your bridge lamp--this one shaped like a Japanese lantern.   It lined in ivory, for good light reflection, and covered in shades of black and deep rose. It has vintage jet bead appliqu�s on all four sides. Black tassels hang from each corner. The shade is 14 inches high and 11 inches wide.


Price:  $265.00  VSS 525     GA SOLD


This is the uniquely shaped Aztec frame with great Deco style. This is done in shades of sage and bronze.  It is lined in off white vintage bridal fabric. The small, thin side panels are hand beaded in sage green glass vintage beads in a zigzag. Each larger panel is sheer pleated sage with an iridescent finish,  The fringe is ombre dyed from sage to bronze and a matching tassel pull is included.

 (9 inches H X 15 In W)


Here is vintage style hand sewn shade on our popular Napolean frame.  This has an uno fitter for use on a bridge lamp but can be adapted for a harp or use as a clip on shade.  The shade is ombre dyed from moss green to burgundy with black accents.  The black lacey trim is vintage.  The side panels are covered with a vintage black net overlay.  The unusual fringe is entirely hand beaded of glass in black, moss and burgundy. Shade is approx. 14 inches wide and 12 inches high including the fringe.

    VSS341    GA SOLD


Cameo frame

This is our popular Cameo frame-a new frame-done in romantic brown and dusty rose.  The center panels are dark brown velvet--the front panel is hand painted with roses.  The upper sides are brown chiffon in lattice smocking.  The lower sides are vintage lace hand dyed brown and rose.  Rose edging and taupe trim surround the panels,  The 6 inch hand dyed fringe is brown and rose.  This shade is suitable for a medium table lamp and has a washer top.  It is approximately 14 inches wide and 8 inches deep.  With the six inch fringe it measures about 16 inches in height.

Price:  $225.00  SOLD   


Here is a stunning shade for a floor lamp or large table lamp. It is approx. 20 inches wide and 20 inches high including the glass bead fringe.  This is all custom dyed in shades of burgundy and gold.  It incorporates gold brocade and burgundy and metallic gold brocade.  It is accented with antique French beaded flowers in gold and has a row of gold and ivory beads trimmed with an additional row of burgundy beads.

  VSS342  SOLD


A great hand sewn shade with a vintage look in shades of cranberry, burgundy and bronze. It is lined in off white vintage bridal fabric for better light reflection. The lower side panels are ombre dyed from bronze to burgundy. The upper side panels are burgundy with bronze net overlay.  The custom dyed  vintage beaded appliques are alencon lace. The fringe is ombre dyed from bronze to burgundy and the top and bottom edges are trimmed with hand beaded panels in cranberry and bronze glass. A matching tassel pull is included.  This has a threaded UNO fitter but can be adapted for clip on or washer fitter. Approximately 7 inches high and 11 inches wide. Lit



Another striking vintage style shade--this will work for a floor lamp or a table lamp. This is all in black and gold and bronze.  The exotic center panel gold brocade features elephants and other animals. The upper side brocade panels have peacocks.  The bronze side panels are covered in a handmade vintage netting.  The center top panels each have antique victorian jet trimmings.  The beaded fringe is black and gold.  This measures 21 inches in width and is 14 inches high including the fringe.

  VSS343    SOLD


Shell frame

This is the attractive shell frame.  It is lined in off-white satin.  The top panel on each side is covered in burgundy and metallic gold brocade.  The lower panels are hand dyed burgundy taffeta, each hand painted with a spray of roses in rose and gold.  The lower center crescent is covered with a pleated fan of metallic gold chiffon. The side panels are vintage gold sateen hand smocked with our signature lattice smocking. It gives lovely shadows when lit. This shade is trimmed in hand dyed antique gold cotton lace and burgundy French braid.  The hand dyed fringe is burgundy and gold and is trimmed with 1 1/2 inch bead fringe in complimentary colors.  This shade is 18 inches wide and 11 inches front to back.  The height is 11 inches--16 inches high with the fringe.



Governess frame

This large shade is suitable for a floor lamp or large table lamp.  It measures 21" by 14" at the bottom and is 11" high--16" including the fringe. This is lined in vintage ivory sateen. The chiffon is hand dyed in variegated greens and bronze tones.  There are pleated panels front and back.  The sides are puckered with custom dyed fringe and bead trim in green and brown. This has a great look when lit.



Tripod frame

This unusually shaped lamp shade works well on a table lamp or small floor lamp with three lights. It is covered in custom dyed fabrics in shades of bronze and brown with custom dyed trims and fringe. It is 14 inches across the bottom and 5 inches high--10 1/2 inches including the fringe. Click here to see it lit.



Grape frame

This shade is done in greens and browns with custom dyed fabrics and vintage lace. (check the details for a better view of the color as this picture is too light ) The end panels are hand pleated.  The trims and fringe are hand dyed to coordinate.  This is trimmed with an extra row of bronze beads around the edge. This has a very vintage look when lit. This shade is 7 1/2 inches high with an uno fitter which works for bridge lamps or can be adapted to a washer top or clip-on.  The shade is 8 inches square and measures 13 inches high with the fringe.



This custom shade is hand dyed in shades of variegated green and bronze.  The tinted chiffon overlay on the side panels is puckered for a soft look.  There are lace medallions front and back.  The fringe is custom tinted and accented with a row of bronze beads.  This shade measures 8 1/2" by 13 1/4" at the bottom and is 10 1/2" high--16" including the fringe. This has a nice look when lit.



Napolean frame

This is the Napoleon frame done in subdued green and brown.  The frame is lined in off-white satin.  The coverings are all chiffons.  The top center panel is covered in floral chiffon in shades of green and brown.  The side panels are hand dyed chiffon in green and bronze, hand smocked with our lattice pattern, over brown taffeta  The center bottom is a rosette in dark brown.  This shade is trimmed with hand dyed bronze cotton lace and sage green French braid.  The 5 1/2 inch fringe is hand dyed in green and bronze and trimmed with 1 inch beaded fringe in brown and black.  This shade measures 14 1/2 inches wide and 11 inches front to back.  It is 8 1/2 inches in height---14 inches high including the fringe.  This shade has an uno fitter which fits onto a bridge lamp but will also fit a table lamp with an adaptor we will provide.  Beautiful shadows when lit.



Kristine frame

This is a large shade which is hand sewn and hand painted. It is suitable for a large floor lamp.  It is lined with bronze taffeta, with ivory center panels and ivory (vintage) lace overlays.  The center panels and rim panels are hand painted with roses in yellow/gold (6 in all).  The fringe is glass beads in yellow/gold and ivory. This is a new frame.

Size: Top 4 1/2" X7"             Bottom 15" X 21"                   Height 14" Plus 5" Fringe



Here is a little more traditional style for the faint of heart.  It has 4 panels of tapestry in shades of rose, blue, green and lavender on an ecru background.  Nice unlit or lit. It is lined in off white satin and trimmed in dusty rose and taupe.  The edge dyed 5" fringe blends most of the colors in the tapestry for a soft effect. This is suitable for a floor lamp or large table lamp.  It is a new frame with washer fitter.

Size: 21" across the base 10 1/2"high w/o fringe



This is a hand sewn shade made in the pleated style of the 1920-1930's.  This size works well on floor lamps or large table lamps.  This is pale sage green with darker sage fringe.  This is a new frame.

Size: 18" diameter

Price: $150.00  Avail. in Ivory, Sage (SOLD) & Pale Rose (SOLD)


This is a hand sewn shade in the pleated style of the 1920-1930's.  This has an uno fitter which works for bridge lamps or can be adapted for table lamps.  This is pale rose with darker rose fringe.

Size: 12" diameter

Price:  $100.00   Ivory(sold), Rose(sold)and Pale Sage(Sold)


This hand sewn, custom dyed shade is done in shades of burgundy and green with edge-tinted fringe. The shade is lined with ivory taffeta and trimmed with hand dyed braids and hand sewn rosettes on each large panel.  This is a new frame.

Size: Width at bottom 19" Height 14"



cameo frame

This unusual shade is hand dyed in shades of purple and moss green  The shade is lined in purple and ivory taffeta and crepe and has hand dyed trims to match.  The sides are sewn in our signature lattice smocking which gives wonderful shadows when lit.  This has ivory and purple beaded fringe under a layer of edge tinted chainette. This is a new frame.

Size:  14 " Wide, Height 16" including fringes



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