The following are a few of the many symbols and patterns you may find in your tea leaves...........

Acorn = improvement in health, continued health and strength

Anchor = a lucky sign, Success in business and love

Angel = good news, especially good fortune in love

Apples = long life, gain by commerce

Axe = difficulties overcome

Bell = unexpected news

Basket = an addition to the family

Bat = fruitless journeys or tasks

Birds = a lucky sign; good news if flying, a fortunate journey

Boat = a friend will visit

Bouquet = one of the luckiest of symbols, a happy marriage

Butterfly = success and pleasure

Camel = a burden to be patiently borne

Candle = good fortune, help from others

Carriage = approaching wealth, visits from friends

Cathedral = great prosperity

Cattle = prosperity

Chain = approaching engagement or wedding

Circles = money or presents

Clover = a very lucky sign; happiness and prosperity

Crown = success and honor

Cup = a reward

Dog = faithful friends

Dove = a lucky symbol; progress in prosperity and affection

Dragon = a great and sudden change

Eagle = honour and riches through change of residence

Egg = good omen

Elephant = a lucky sign; good health

Eye = caution

Falcon = a persistent enemy

Fan = flirtaion

Feather = lack of concentration

Fish = good fortune

Flower = good fortune, success, happy marriage

Fork = decision to be made

Frog = success in love and commerce

Goose = happiness; a successful venture

Grasshopper = a great friend will become a soldier

Greyhound = good fortune by strenuous exertion

Gun = a sign of discord and slander

Hammer = triumph over adversity

Hand = friendship

Hare = a sign of long journey or return of absent friend

Harp = marriage, success in love

Hat = success in life

Heart = pleasures to come

Hen = increase of riches or addition to the family

Horse = desires fulfilled through a prosperous journey

Horse-Shoe = a lucky journey or success in marriage

House = success in business

Kite = wish will come true

Man = a visitor arriving

Mermaid = misfortune, especially to seafaring persons

Monkey = deception in love

Moon = prosperity and fortune

Mountain = powerful friends

Mushroom = sudden separation of lovers after a quarrel

Numbers = very lucky, long life, good health, happy marriage

Owl = an evil omen, indicative of sickness, poverty, disgrace

Palm tree = good luck, children to a wife, marriage to a maid

Parasol = new love

Parrot = a sign of emigration for a lengthy period

Peacock = success and acquisition of property; a happy marriage

Pear = great wealth and improved social position

Pig = good and bad luck mixed

Pigeons = important news if flying, if not, domestic bliss

Pine tree = continuos happiness

Spoon = generosity

Unicorn = scandal

Vulture = bitter foes

Wagon = a sign of approaching poverty

Wheel = an inheritance about to come

Windmill = success in enterprise

Wings = messages

Wolf = beware of jealous intrigues

Woman = pleasure and happiness, several women indicates scandal

Wood = a speedy marriage

Yacht = pleasure and happiness

Zebra = travel and adventure in foreign lands